Monday, September 23, 2013

Everything's Fine

The problem with having a blog is, when you don't write anything for awhile, people get worried. Family members worry, friends worry, and people we have never met worry. When we started to get emails, comments, and even a phone call from Gregg's sister wondering what was up, I knew I'd better get back to it. It's not like I had a good excuse, or that there was nothing to write about, it's just that, first I was busy, then I didn't feel like it.

So here is a briefing, in my preferred method of communication (a list), on what has been happening.
Are we there yet?
(Ray and Kathy)

 1.  My sister Kathy, Ray, and I went to South Carolina.
Yuko and Kathy (humans), FlowerPower and Ray (dogs)
2.  Hannah got a dog; one that despises Ray.
(Although FlowerPower, a name that she came with and that Hannah decided was perfect for her, is cute and high-energy and the perfect dog for Hannah, FlowerPower cannot be trusted off-leash around Ray. She doesn't like his noise, and apparently, doesn't like him. It was disappointing and, at times, scary.  Although Yuko and I walked the dogs together every morning and FlowerPower was fine, she went into attack mode whenever we were in the yards. Ray does not back down in a fight which is a bit terrifying for the humans when he can't actually see what he is biting at.
Yuko and Jean (humans), FlowerPower and Ray (dogs)
FlowerPower and Ray  

A girl and her FlowerPower
Teasing the dog
 3.  Ray had a good time with Nannie and Grandpa, hanging out waiting for food to drop off the table, and looking for the perfect spot to bury his bone.
Can anyone spare a morsel for the poor, blind dog?
    He walked here.
    He walked there. 
    He went here.
    He went there.

    In the end...
    ...he planted it where his relatives 
    could keep it safe from the FlowerPower

    4. We said goodbye to Nannie and Grandpa and returned to Virginia.
    Bye Nannie!
    Bye Grandpa!
    5. Ray was happy to be home.
    I'm so happy we're back. My new cousin is SO annoying.
    (Unfortunately, Ray's happiness was tempered a bit by the fact that Chester wasn't waiting for him when he got home. Used to be, Ray would immediately run upstairs to tell his cats that he was back from his travels, but with the recent demise of his best buddies, Ray has transferred all of his affection to Chester. After arriving home, Gregg, Kathy, and I sat out on the front porch to chat. Attached to the end of his tether, Ray joined us. We watched as Ray fruitlessly searched the azaleas for his friend and then strained against the wire in the direction of his next-door-neighbor's house. He was disconsolate. Chester did not make an appearance until the next day.)

    6. Ray got a new collar in tasteful fall colors.
    New collar. 

    7. Gregg and I are planning a vacation. To England. To visit Ray's number one fans, Niki and Jez and their menagerie.
     (I'm looking for someone to stay with Ray. If you know of anyone in the greater Washington, DC area, give me a shout-out.)

    What!? You're going where? And you're not taking ME?
    8. When we get back, we are going to get Ray a present. There will probably be a definite uptick in the number of blogs after that.


    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      1. I removed your comment so that the phone number and email weren't displayed. I'll be talking to you soon.

    2.'s official....and does the comment you removed mean someone is up to the challenge...? Fingers and paws crossed !!

    3. So glad sll og you are doing well. That is unfortunate that FlowerPower doesn't like Ray. So...a "present" for Ray, you know my first thought is a little "brother" or "sister". Ray would be thrilled!

    4. Gosh, can't imagine anyone not liking Ray! That's about as shocking when dogs don't like Blueberry. What's not to like? Well, at least they don't have to live together, right?

      Glad Chester at least showed up the next day. I was a little worried at first!

      Also, glad to see you are back to posting. I wasn't necessarily worried, I remember you said you were going on vacation some time and figured that was the reason for the silence. :)

    5. Howdy Ray, good to hear from ya mate. Looks like life has been busy. We're sorry Flower Power didn't like you. Maybe next time aye? We loved the photos of your Nannie and Grandpa. When we read the caption "can anyone spare a morsel for a poor blind dog" we had to laugh Ray cause there is nothing 'poor' about ya. You are amazing mate. See ya soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    6. Hi Ray! Love the new collar and sorry the trip to SC kinda sucked with FlowerPower....Tell your mom I know a great dogsitter. Send me an email and I will send the details if interested. She will come and stay with you!

      Otherwise, Sam and Drake's grandfather is coming down next week for a visit and then my mom is going to Anchorage for a week. Out Auntie Damie and Adria, along with Disney and Fred, (Beagles), will be staying with us! Party time WOOOHOOO!!