Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Tired Pup

It's been a busy couple of days. I've had to work so Ray has gone to daycare. I wish I could say he dreads it and that he is always so glad to get home but I'd be lying. The most I can say is that today he didn't lay down and refuse to get in the car for as long as he usually does. I think he was just too tired to resist. 
When I went to get him, Kristen said "Harry likes to chew on Ray and Ray lets him." (Harry is the yellow lab puppy - about 6 or 7 months old). I looked at Ray. 
"Don't let the other dogs use you as a chew toy," I told him. 
Ray just looked at me (figuratively speaking) and wondered why he should care when he is having so much fun. 
I brought him home and saw Sasha coming up the street with Todd. By the time I had lifted Ray out of the car, they were crossing over to our house. Ray seemed glad to see Sasha at first, but after about a minute he was ignoring her. I wondered if he had met someone else at daycare or if he was just too tired to pay attention to his favorite girlfriend.
I fed all the animals and locked Ray in the backyard so that I could run to the store for something for dinner. It was already almost 7:00. By the time I got back, Gregg was home and playing tug-of-war with Ray in the backyard. 
When they came inside I asked, "Did he announce your arrival?" 
"Yeah," said Gregg, "Then he sniffed around the yard until he found his rope and he brought it over so we could play." 
By the time Gregg finished his sentence Ray was snoozing on the couch. One tired pup. 

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  1. It did take a while for our cat to readjust -- and it did seem like it was forever but she finally made the move to walk around Rascal -- she then began to climb up and sit on my husband's lap -- her favorite spot. Keep working at it. Virginia