Friday, July 10, 2009


Smiling as usual
Yesterday I had to work all day so I took Ray to daycare. He was there for at least eight hours and when I went to get him he laid down on the sidewalk and didn't want to get into the car. It's embarrassing when you have a dog that doesn't want to come home at the end of the day. My BFF Joanne assures me that the same thing happens when you have kids. You drop them off at daycare and they scream their heads off because they don't want to go and when you pick them up, they don't want to leave. It's a little different with Ray. He LOVES to be dropped off and he hates to come home. It's that whole "he needs another dog" thing. I'm starting to get a complex. 
When we got home, Ray jumped down out of the car. It wasn't pretty but he landed safely. I was so proud. Usually, I have to lift him out of the backseat. The first week or so when I would take him out of the car, he would just stiffen up like I was going to drop him. Then for a week or two, he would put his front legs out like he was Underdog, flying. I could tell he wanted to jump but he was afraid. Yesterday, he jumped. How do you convince yourself that you're not jumping into a bottomless pit when you can't see? What an amazing hound. 
He was so tired that night that he only ran around the yard twice, yelling, to tell everyone that he was home. Then he hit the couch and didn't move. 
Today I had to work but decided that I'd only stay a half day. Ray was still kind of tired from the day before, so I figured I'd just leave him in the backyard for the time I was away, if he's going to sleep, why pay for it. I called Sandra and asked her if she would mind keeping an ear peeled to see how much Ray bays when we're away. She said she would be happy to and that she would take him for a walk as well. I left the leash on the table in the backyard and took off. 

I had to stay at work a bit longer than I expected and Ray was waiting for me when I got home. His leg was looking a bit larger and pinker than usual so I figured he must have slept most of the time I was gone. I decided to take him back to the lake. (Maybe I'll make it a Friday routine). This time when we got down to the water there was no Loch Ness monster so Ray wasn't as frightened. He walked right up to the water and into the lake without a second thought. I think he wanted to take a swim but I don't know how I'd ever catch him if started across the lake so I thought "Probably not a good idea." I'll have to figure something out so that he can try that if he wants. Maybe a life vest or something with a tag that says "If found, please return to..."

In the evening, Sasha and Todd came over. Usually, Todd walks her up around the circle and past our house, but this time I saw Sash cut across the street and head straight for our yard. 
"She couldn't wait." Todd said, "I've had a cold the last couple of days and she's been distressed. I think it's because she hasn't seen Ray." 
Ray and Sash played as usual, Todd and I chatted. Gregg drove up and Sasha started wrrooo wrroooing at him. 
"Look," said Todd, "She even knows Gregg now." 
While we were all chatting, Ray took off, caught me off balance, and I stepped on his back leg; not the bum leg, but the other one. Ray squealed and stood holding his leg WAAAAY off the ground. I felt sick to my stomach and thought "Oh my GOD. I haven't even had this dog for a month and I've already broken his leg." I knelt down and ran my hands down his leg (like I'd be able to tell if it was was broken) but I couldn't feel any bones poking through, and Ray wasn't pulling away or anything. 
"We had two dogs that broke their legs when I was a kid," said Todd, "And both of them started panting and drooling within about 10 minutes." 
We all looked at Ray. He flopped over and rolled on his back. I rubbed his belly and Ray closed his eyes. He was totally relaxed. 
Todd smiled and said, "I think he's okay."
We talked for a few minutes more.
"Try to get him up and see if he can walk," said Gregg. 
I gently pulled on Ray's leash, he got to his feet and walked to the front door with me trailing, looking at his legs. He wasn't limping or anything. What a drama king. 
Ray and a cat


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