Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ray the Blind Dog, who seemed at death's door yesterday, made a seemingly miraculous recovery overnight. This morning he ate his breakfast, then settled down for a short nap while waiting for me to get out of bed. When he got up, he rolled ecstatically around on the carpet in the front hall, opened a jar of hand cream to lick at the contents, tried to kill his bed cushion (a new morning ritual), grabbed a package of deli turkey meat off of the (newly cleaned) refrigerator shelf, joined me outside while I filled the bird feeder then tried to steal the bird food container out of my hand so that he could play with it (a half-gallon milk jug with the bottom cut off - an obvious choice for a dog toy), and finally, when I settled down with my coffee and the computer, he went back to bed. Obviously, not 100% yet.  
It's good to have him home. 

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