Friday, November 20, 2009


Ray is bored. He hasn't been to the dog park in three days. Of course, the first day he was sick. The second day, while he was still recovering (but bored), I took him with me to the PetStore to get food and rawhide. Ray loves to shop. It's kind of funny to see him become so overwhelmed with the smells in the store that he doesn't know which way to go first. I really have to watch him though. Ray is a shoplifter. Otherwise, he is pretty well behaved in the store. It's part of my training plan to get him completely socialized - expose him to as many people and situations as possible.
It's the third day and Ray is, apparently, fine. All day long he followed me around the house and when I stopped to do something he would hang his head and give a deep sigh. Or he would yawn so wide that I could have fit my head in his mouth. Then I would say "Oh the poor blind dog doesn't have anything to do. He doesn't have any friends and no one will pay attention to him. It's just so sad!" and Ray would look a little embarrassed but it didn't stop him.
I took him for a walk around the block this morning and we ran into Sasha (See "Ray and Sasha, A Love Story" 7-2-09) and Betsy (Sasha's mom). Ray was so glad to see Sasha. It was as if he hadn't seen another dog for weeks. They played on the ends of their leashes, both of them going a little crazy, when all of a sudden Sasha slipped her collar. She took off across the street with Betsy in hot pursuit, calling "Sasha! Come on Sasha! Come here Sashie!" I stayed on the other side of the street and was calling too, my heart was in my throat (I could only imagine what Betsy was feeling). I yelled to Betsy "Run AWAY from her and call her!" "Run away!" (Advice I'd gotten from my BFF). I pulled Ray on his leash and we started away from Sasha "Sasha! Come on Sashie," I was trying to sound like we were going to have loads of fun. Betsy hesitated for a brief moment then started away from Sasha too, still calling her. Sasha stopped and looked at all of her friends leaving, then turned and followed. As soon as Sash got within reach, Betsy tackled her (it was AWESOME). She pinned Sasha to the ground with her body, put the collar on her then led her back across the street. "That is Todd's worst nightmare," Betsy said.
It's my worst nightmare with Ray, too.

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