Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ray the Blind Dog Senses Something

I was working upstairs when I heard Ray start to yell. It was a nice day so I had left the backdoor open and Ray was in and out through the screen. This wasn't his usual yelling, this was a frantic, almost hysterical yell. I dropped what I was doing and ran for the back yard. Ray was at the far fence yelling his head off. The two Bichons on the other side were barking frantically also. I called to Ray, who turned and trotted to me, then turned back to run to the fence, then turned back to me, then turned back to run to the fence and started his hysterical yelling again. I followed him over, thinking maybe the little dogs had gotten him riled up.
I peered over the fence at the dogs and saw our neighbor, a young woman, lying on the ground on her back with her arms stretched out. (She has lately started having seizures). Her mother was on her knees beside the young woman, tenderly stroking her arm, murmuring soothingly to her while she was in the slow process of coming out of a seizure. My hound had either taken his cues from the other dogs, or somehow sensed what was transpiring on the other side of the fence and had frantically announced what was going on. I did what I could to help (which was basically nothing), the little dogs were anxiously running around, Ray got quiet. Her mother, with some help from the man across the street, half carried, half guided the young woman into the house. I took my dog and went back inside.

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