Monday, February 22, 2010

Just another Ray Day

The day started out good for Ray. Moonie came downstairs and wanted the milk remaining in my cereal bowl. I put the bowl on the arm of the couch. Moonie stepped over to lap up the milk but instead knocked the bowl off the couch and onto the floor. Ray, who had been peacefully sleeping by my side, lifted his head to "see" what was going on. Moonie, as usual, evaporated into thin air the second she realized that the dog was awake. At the smell and sound of food hitting the floor, Ray climbed off of the couch to investigate. After watching him for five minutes or so, I decided that if I didn't clean the spot, Ray was going to lick a hole in the rug.
So I scrubbed at the place with a little water then placed my knitting box in front of the table under which the milk had spilled. As you can see, Ray was not deterred.

After breakfast we headed to the dogpark. Ray met up with his old friend Nikki (I use the term loosely, Nikki isn't a year old yet and Ray is only a year and a half). By happy coincidence, someone had left in the snow a hard rubber toy with a large bell in the middle. Ray likes toys that make noise (for obvious reasons) and a lively game of keepaway ensued. Usually Ray can't follow Nikki that closely but the bell made all the difference. He stayed right on her tail (pun alert!) and Nikki was kind enough not to run too fast so that Ray didn't lose her.

Nikki's favorite position, on her back getting her neck chewed.

Nikki with the toy in her mouth, being tailed by Ray.

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