Monday, February 8, 2010

Ray gets Cabin Fever

Well. It's Official. Ray is SICK of the snow. He is pacing the house and whining. And pacing. And whining. He has stuck his head in the kitchen trashcan every 30 seconds all day long. He is relentlessly counter surfing. He is bored with all of his toys and has worn me out playing keep away with his bone. He is only happy when we are outside taking walks and, unfortunately, it is truly treacherous around here. And the bad news is we're expecting more snow tomorrow. First they were predicting 3 - 6 inches, then 8 - 10, and now its 10 - 20 inches more. What's a mother to do.
The good news is, Ray has a new friend. A big, 2 year-old yellow lab by the name of Ike, has arrived at a house down-the-street-and-around-the-corner. It was best-friends at first sight. Ike outweighs Ray by 15 or 20 pounds and is a bit taller, but I think they are pretty well matched in exuberance. I'm hoping to set up play dates for the dogs in the near future.
For now though, we are SNOWBOUND. No snowplows in sight.


oh man this sucks....

cold, cold, cold, cold

Shadow Picture - WINTER


  1. Aw hang in there Ray! The snow should be gone sometime next year. Haha. :)

  2. Thanks for the updates and pictures of the snow! We don't get to see snow much in Columbia. For your sake and Ray's, I hope it melts soon!