Tuesday, February 9, 2010

VIDEO ALERT! - Short Attention Span Dog

I've been having a tough time keeping Ray ocupado indoors while we've had a major influx of snow outdoors. Yesterday we went through every toy in his toybox in about 5 minutes. So I brought out the big guns. The Remote Control Cat.
The Remote Control Cat is a totally cool cat toy that my sis-in-law, Angela (Hey, Ang!) bought for Moonie and Hugo last Christmas. Remote Control Cat has a flexible rod (removable) with a dangly mouse attached to it that extends from RCC's back. The flexible rod moves randomly and dangles the mousie for the cats to play with. It also has wheels so that you can remotely move the cat from room to room or around in a circle, or whatever. Hugo likes to play with the dangly mousie but is afraid of the cat when it moves (Hugo is afraid of EVERYTHING). Moonie watches with the jaundiced eye of someone not easily fooled. Ray is an entirely different story. This video was cut to three minutes from about twelve minutes. Remote Control Cat kept Ray occupied for about 1/50th of his waking hours. Let's hear it for Remote Control Cat!


  1. Oh man, that video made me laugh out loud! At firt, it seems that Ray is trying to figure out if the Remote Control Cat is a friend or threat. And in the end, the Remote Control Cat was just something to chew on. :)

  2. Oh gosh, that's sooo funny! Look at all the toys you have!

  3. Yeah, we have a basket of toys for Ray, but with a short attention span dog, they aren't that useful. I bought the stuffed animals at a second hand store for a buck a piece and some of the other things at estate sales but, oddly enough, Ray doesn't like stuffed animals. He prefers cat toys to any of his dog toys and tends to make toys out of random things i.e. toilet bowl brush. The only things that keep his attention are rawhide chews and marrow bones. Those are the no-fails.

  4. I'm still laughing at this video of Ray...

  5. I played this video to my brother, and my cats went crazy when Ray was doing his howl bark. :) They were uneasy for the rest of the night. Poor Moonie and Hugo!

  6. I'm blind in my left eye. Spent 3 weeks in a hospital in Houston when I was 6 to try and "get the left eye to see". During the "rehab" the docs would patch my right eye to force the left eye to focus. The docs would then have me read aloud using the crappy left eye only. I learned, at my wizened 6 year old self, how to sneak up the corner of the patch on the good eye and ,OMG, I was reading with the bad eye. When I look at Ray, his right reminds me of mine with patch "on". Funny how we connect with wonderful animals.
    ~Melinda in Texas

    1. An 'aw' for your six-year old self in the hospital.