Thursday, February 11, 2010

DUCK! and then Bee

The blizzard is over. The new day dawns sunny, windy, and cold. Gregg, Ray, and I settle ourselves in front of the TV to watch the news. We haven't seen a newspaper since last Friday (we're the old fashioned types, we like our news on paper). The Federal Government is closed and the streets in our neighborhood have yet to see a plow.
When I finally get up it's about 10:30. There's no hurry. I wander upstairs to get ready to take Ray for our morning constitutional. Ray follows me to the bathroom and waits in the doorway while I pick up my toothbrush and start to clean my teeth. I bend over to spit. When I straighten up, I see reflected in the mirror, my bra hanging on a hook behind me, stretched to alarming proportions. Ray has grabbed one of the straps and is trying to back out of the bathroom. The bra is stretched at least 5 feet. I turn around to stop him just as he lets fly. The bra zips through the air and smacks into the shower door behind me, missing my head by inches. I laughed 'till I cried then picked up the bra and put it on. It was nice and roomy.
Gregg decided to join us for our snowy stroll. The wind was whipping but the sun felt good. We headed off, talking to neighbors and strangers as we went. Ray, as usual, was having a great time. Any day he gets to meet people is a good day. It gets even better for him when he meets up with his favorite girl, Halle, the fashion model, sporting the latest in outerwear for Greyhounds.

Halle Greeting her Favorite Boyfriend

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