Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please Vote for Ray

MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.Being the civic minded dog that he is, Ray decided that he wanted to be entered into this contest so that he can win money for his favorite charity. If he wins he is going to donate his money to either Rolling Dog Ranch or SQ Rescue
(he hasn't decided yet).
So, if you feel like it, vote for Ray. Voting starts tomorrow for this round. Just click on the green button, it should take you right to his photo. If it doesn't, click on this link his entry number is 0606192.


  1. Gosh, that's so funny! I saw that contest and was going to suggest you enter Ray! But then I saw there were over 5,000 dogs entered! Anyway, I'll try to remember to vote every day :)

  2. Well, it's been a day and poor Ray only has 5 votes. I'm afraid he doesn't stand a chance against the dog from last week who had 1,000 or so votes. I'm sure if we totaled up all of the people I know and all of the people that Gregg knows, and all of the people that Ray knows, it still wouldn't be 1,000. So I guess we won't get to donate a big wad of cash to our favorite charity. But don't let that stop you from voting. Ray still wants to know that you support him!

  3. Haha, Ray shouldn't feel bad - I'd vote for him a thousand times if I could! Unfortunately, you can only vote once for the week. Anyway, Ray's pretty self-confident; he knows he's the best dog, he doesn't need outside validation :)

  4. Yeah! Let all those people actually MEET Ray and he'd win, hands down. Go Ray! :)