Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hello from the North Pole!

Well, it's been a busy day here at the north pole. We woke up to a couple feet of snow. I let Ray out and he gamely forged a path to the absolute farthest part of the yard to pee. I gave him breakfast and headed to the couch (if I go back upstairs he whines and wakes everybody (Gregg) up). Ray came in and, as usual, curled up on my feet.
We dozed for another hour or so before we got up and ate breakfast (my first, his second). Our Saturday ritual of scrambled eggies.
Ray Snoozing on My Feet

Gregg and I didn't bother going outside until about 11:00. I headed out back to shovel off the patio a bit and dig a path for Ray, while Gregg started on the driveway. Ray joined me in the backyard.
Ray's Backyard
He loves it when anyone visits him in his domain. He did the spastic cannonball a few times, then grabbed the tip of one of my gloved fingers and snatched the glove off of my hand, slap,slap,slapping it across his face to kill it.
I was laughing and trying to keep him from slamming into the snow shovel. Ray explored for about half an hour while I dug a random path around the backyard. Then he was ready to go inside and get warm. I let him in and gave him a pacifier (frozen marrow bone) to keep him occupied while Gregg and I shoveled. Thank God our neighbor lent us a snowblower or we'd still be out there.
Maddie's mom, Sandra, took these photos of Gregg and me, and Ray visiting the neighbors.


Ray Visits his Neighbor, Kate

Ray and Gregg take the last walk for the day

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  1. It makes me cold just looking at these pictures. I was wondering just how much fun you guys were having today. Just go out and get a Honda snow blower. They are great.