Friday, August 7, 2009

Oh The Humanity!

I need to preface this story by saying that Gregg got a great deal on paper towels last weekend. We always buy in bulk, but the deal that he got on TWO multipacks was the score of the century. 
So yesterday morning, I took Ray for a walk (as usual) before I was going to drop him at daycare. I let him into the house while I went upstairs to get ready for work. Just before I stepped into the shower, I could hear him whining downstairs on the other side of the babygate, but I wasn't stupid enough to leave him roaming around UPstairs while I was powerless to stop his destructive tendencies. 
I showered, dressed for work, and walked down the stairs. As I reached the landing, I saw Ray with his head and one leg jammed through the hole that we had cut for the cats in the babygate. I laughed, pushed him back through the gate, and looked up.
Oh the humanity! It was paper towel Armageddon! There were rolls of paper towels everywhere, all in various stages of chewed up-edness. (If I'd been thinking I would have taken a picture). I rapidly moved through the downstairs scooping up rolls of papertowels, and clumps of papertowels, and the plastic bags that they came in. Apparently, Ray knows how to open the front hall closet which is where we store the paper towels. (Such a clever dog).

Today was Friday, so I took Ray to the lake. On the way we met the most ferocious chihuahua. Her owner, Don, told me that Mitzi (I think their names were Don and Mitzi) was a street dog. She was hurling insults and yo mamas at Ray as we stood on the sidewalk outside of their house. I asked Don if Mitzi would be up for touching noses with Ray. He was game to try so he scooped Mitzi up and brought her over. I got Ray to sit (which for him usually involves a nice laydown). Ray stretched out his neck for a sniff but Mitzi was snarling and snapping and giving him what-for. Ray tried his usual charm, a flop over and a gentle lick to her face, but Mitzi was totally impervious to Ray's magnetic personality. I chatted with Don a bit and gave Mitzi a pat, who was perfectly well-mannered and sweet as long as Ray wasn't involved, and we continued on our walk to the lake. 
As we came up around the last leg of our hike we passed a minivan with a bunch of little girls all wearing the same t-shirts. They were obviously getting ready for an outing. Ray was excited to see them. I spritzed him gently with the water-containing correction device and he flopped over for them to rub his belly. He's getting really good at not lunging at people (such a fast learner!). A mom came out of the house and looked at Ray. 
"What a healthy-looking dog!" she said. 
"Yes," I said. "Yes, he is." 
And it's totally true. Ray is a very healthy-looking dog. He's filled out a bit since we brought him home (it's the extra cat food in his diet) and if one didn't know about his sight issue and his lymph node problem, Ray would look like a prime specimen of Redtick Coonhound. 
I dropped Ray at daycare. Donny was there to give me an update on Ray's progress at school. He said that Ray is very social and likes to get other dogs involved in play. He is very proactive in that area. Of course, yelling in their faces is not always a successful way to get other dogs to participate but it's just Ray's way. I  know he's yelling "COME ON, WE'VE ONLY GOT ONE DAY! WE'VE GOT TO PLAY NOW! COME ON!!!!! LET'S PLAY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I didn't drop Ray at daycare because I had to work, but because I had to run errands and do some cleaning. I briefly felt a little guilty about leaving Ray at daycare, but he loves it so much. I thought about leaving him in the backyard because it was such a beautiful day, and sometimes I do if I'm only gone a couple of hours, but I always think how boring it must be for a blind dog to be alone, unless there are rolls of paper towels around. At least now he doesn't (for the moment) refuse to leave daycare when I go to get him at the end of the day. He hesitates a little, but he doesn't pull a Gandhi. 
So I got all my stuff done and went to get Ray. He was tired when we got home and went to pass out on a sunny patch of leaf mulch. He looked dead. My heart stopped for a second until I realized he was still breathing. 
I swept the kitchen floor and went to put the broom away. By the time I got back to the kitchen there was a trail of leaf mulch from the backdoor, through the kitchen, and into the living room. I think next year I will use bark mulch next to the patio.  
Halle and her Grandma
I went out front where Moonie and Hugo were hanging out enjoying the weather. I saw Halle coming up the street with (it turn's out) Halle's grandma, Deborah. I asked if I could take a picture for the blog and got consent. Halle walked up the driveway towards the house and Hugo FFFFFFT at the dog.  He puffed up and started walking menacingly toward Halle. I stepped between the cat and the dog and tried to convince Hugo that we were all friends and that the dog wasn't going to live with us. I could tell that Hugo has had it up to HERE with dogs moving into the house. The cat slooowwwwly walked to the car and crouched down under it to watch what was going on and to make sure I wasn't lying to him. Moonie had evaporated at the first sight of another big dog. 
I went to get my camera and Ray, who was waiting at the front door. He was, as always, excited to see the beauty queen. 
Ray trying to impress the Beauty Queen
 (he needs to work on his technique)
Halle looking unimpressed

Worshipping at the beauty queen's feet

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