Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beep Beep

Gregg and I had been to a party. The light on the front porch brightened as we approached the front door. We had left a light on inside as well. Both of us looked in the front door sidelights, a habit we retained from the days when we never knew what we were going to find, when Ray was still new and rather, uh, energetic.
Moonie was sitting at the base of the stairs, looking our way, distracted by the sounds we were making. We watched aghast as Ray started to descend the stairs, coming down to greet us at the door. Moonie wasn't moving.
Ray reached the foot of the stairs. Moonie was directly between his front feet. When she realized exactly where she was, Moonie turned and ran out from under Ray, straight through his back feet. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared up the stairs. Ray's head went down, ears deployed in dumbo mode. He 'looked' back between his front feet, then turned and gave chase. I started to laugh. I knew that Moonie was safe in the cat room before Ray even had time to turn around. The whole scene was eerily reminiscent of a roadrunner cartoon.
We entered the house and I headed upstairs to get Ray away from the cat room door. Moonie was sitting calmly on the bed looking like she'd been there all night.


  1. that would have been a contestant for you've been framed !

  2. I think the cats saunter around the house unconcerned every time you're gone - then when they hear you you coming, they revert to their "scared of big, bad Ray" acts - it's all just a big ploy for sympathy :)