Thursday, March 31, 2011


"Hey Gregg, will you take my picture?" I asked my lovely husband.
"Don't you have enough pictures of that dog sitting on your lap?" was Gregg's reply.
I laughed and answered. "No. Never."

Not a good clear shot but it makes me laugh just to think about it.
Half dog, half human?


  1. Ray really doesn't know how big a dog he really is, does he?? I think he thinks he is about 10-15# size (ie:lap dog size). It really doesnt matter does it? As long as the lap owner is willing to snuggle a big hound then all is well no matter his size or how l o n g his legs are. What a little sweetie Ray is.

  2. Yes. Ray is a 'little' sweetie.
    I gotta say, having a 65 pound dog sit on one's lap is a bit different than having a 5 (or 15) pound cat (the sizes of Moonie and Hugo) do the same thing. Not much difference in the snuggling aspect, just the poundage...