Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a quick nap...

I was cleaning the bathroom. I needed paper towels so, followed closely by my trusty hound, I went into the cat room to retrieve some (tip of the day: always have paper towels in the cat room). Moonie was sleeping in her cube so I gave some attention to Hugo then turned to rip some towels off of the roll. Ray, who had been nosing around, did something unusual, he launched himself onto the bed.
I quickly removed the cat food that we leave there for Moonie and moved one of the (many) cat beds out of the way. Then I went into the next room to grab my camera and stood by to see what would happen.
Ray sniffed around interestedly. Moonie, wide awake now, remained hunkered down in her cube.
I tried to coax Ray off of the bed but he wasn't finished with what he was doing. He laid down to take a nap.
I know he was just trying to lull me into leaving him alone with the cats and, more importantly, the cat food, but I wasn't buying it. Neither was Hugo. He positioned himself next to his food dish and eyed the dog balefully. The glare was lost on the blind dog.


  1. Ray just wanted to crawl in with Moonie.

  2. To Ray it was the lure of a quick snack and a furry little body to curl up next to.....sounds pretty good to me!