Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Pictures Please

Yesterday, as per usual when I'm not working and it's not too muddy, Ray and I went to the dogpark. Julie (Ray's portraitist) was there. When we entered the gate, Julie called out, "Ray! Ray!"
Ray headed in her general direction, then, without stopping, passed her by.
"He didn't stop to see me!" exclaimed Julie, surprised and a little offended by Ray's rudeness which appeared even more rude because he had been so thrilled to see her when she came to the house to take his picture.
"That's because he's a SUPERSTAR, and you are just the paparazza," I replied, "And because he has to poop." Ray is more than a little singleminded when it comes to finding the perfect place to poop.

If anyone is interested in reading about Julie Hart's work benefitting homeless animals, here is a link to a short article that appeared in The Virginia Dog magazine.

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