Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Non-Story

The Supermodel was lying in Ray's bed gnawing on a bone. Deborah and I were in the living room having a glass of wine. Gregg was on the front porch reading a book. And Ray was standing in the middle of the front hall, head low, looking confused.

I got just so far in the blog above and realized there was really no ending to this story. Halle was visiting and had dug through Ray's toybox until she found a rib bone that I had bought Ray a few months ago. Ray wasn't really interested in it, for some reason, and it had sat in his box, ignored, until Halle found it. She quickly latched on to it and retreated to Ray's bed. Ray, who was more interested in protecting his three rawhides, was standing in the middle of the hallway wondering what it was that Halle was gnawing on (he knew it wasn't one of his hides) and if he should do something about it. He didn't do anything. I think he is just too smitten with the leggy, slim girl to deny her anything (except his rawhides).
Deborah and I finished our wine, and she and Halle left. (Actually, in the interest of full disclosure, Ray and I walked them home, then continued on 'round the block. Halle dilly-dallied the whole way, thinking of the rib bone that she had left behind, and Ray got as far as Halle's house and didn't want to go any farther because he wanted to stay with her).

So, like I said, there was really no ending to the story above. But some intro lines are just too good not to use.

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  1. Ray, Halle has always been a tease and will never change..You can find someone better;)