Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why Deaf Dogs and Blind Dogs do not Make Good Playmates

Boxers are hands-y (paws-y?), high energy, spastic dogs (if you disagree, that's ok, I'm sure there are exceptions). Where other dogs play by biting each other on the neck or wrestling. Boxers smack their playmates with their paws - hence the name.
Today, just as we were finishing up our walk around the lake, Ray met a 10 month old, deaf, white Boxer named Bella. Bella, being a bouncy, young dog wanted to play with my blind hound. Ray, being an agreeable sort, seemed fine with the idea until he was at the receiving end of a couple of quick jabs to the torso and a right hook to the head.
Ray growled to let the young lass know that she was out of bounds. Bella not hearing a thing delivered a jab to Ray's snozz. Ray, feeling like he was under attack, let loose with a warning AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The deaf dog must have felt the vibrations in her innards (I know I did) and flattened herself on the ground. She recovered quickly and tried to deliver a couple more quick punches but by this time, both her owner and I thought maybe separation was a better idea.
Obviously, the blind dog couldn't tell that the deaf dog was only playing and the deaf dog couldn't tell that the blind dog was delivering a warning.
Not a good match.

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