Thursday, July 7, 2011

They're SHOES not CHEWS

My shoes have really been taking a hit lately. So far this summer 1 pair of flipflops and 2 pair of sandals have been bitten by the big one.
Unfortunately, the shoe chewer has been getting cagier as he ages. I rarely catch him with the shoes in his mouth anymore, just find the chewed shoe in the front hall or the hallway upstairs. I always shrug it off and tell myself, "Eh, they're just shoes," but the problem is, I don't have that many shoes to begin with and my choices are getting scantier.
I guess I wouldn't mind so much but the other day he chewed my favorite, most comfortable sandals EVER. They aren't totally destroyed, I just can't wear them to work again, the big teeth marks and ripped stitching are a bit too obvious for that. Then yesterday he chewed my only other pair of comfy sandals that were suitable for work, cute Italian things that were made of fabric and are now unwearable. That leaves only the hot-pink, patent leather ones - but those aren't terribly comfortable and they really don't go with a lot.
Notice I haven't mentioned anyone by name here. Without DNA testing I can't say for sure who has been chewing my shoes, I mean, really, it could be Gregg or Moonie or Hugo. Even though it's shoes that have been chewed, the MO is not really the same as previous shoe-chewings; none of these shoes had tassels.
I just can't shake the feeling though, that somehow this is the work of a certain blind hound with a newfound penchant for strappy footwear.


  1. Ray's Mom -- I was like Emelda Marcos with a ton of shoes -- until my 10 month old puppy decided that all shoes are his. One minute I see that he has dragged individual shoes into the yard and then covers them with dirt. Socks end up buried in holes he has dug with his 2 paws. Red shoes, black leather shoes and especially any walking shoes. He eats the laces and then goes for the tongue of these shoes. Then he carries them and shakes them left and right and sometimes I get hit with a shoe. Romeo is now the boss of the home and when I go out to the yard at night to bring him back into his room he growls and is now snapping (biting) me. Any advice? I need help. I'm desperate. Ray -- what should I do?

  2. Roxy never really chewed shoes except the laces. She goes for plastic things. This AM it was an old pair of our son's swimming goggles, they were in tiny pieces when I found them! To Romeo's mom, sox can be a problem they smell like their favorite person. As far a shoes, close your closet doors! What type of dog (I assume he is a dog) is Romeo?

  3. Ray - the "alleged" shoe chewer - doesn't seem to like pink patent leather, so the easiest thing probably would be to build your wardrobe around pink patent leather... sandals, shoes, purses, hats... Problem solved!!!! (You're welcome!)