Monday, January 23, 2012

Do I Smell Dinner?

I was picking up Ray from 'school.'
"I don't know what was up with him today,' said Chance, the doggy daycare attendant. "Ray was really whiny this afternoon."
Chance handed me Ray's leash and as Chance and I stood there chatting, Ray started dragging me to the back of the store.
"Don't you want to go home Ray?" I asked my dog.
Ray's feet were slipping and sliding on the linoleum as he pulled me to the office door which was cracked open an inch. Ray's nose was twitching like crazy as he jammed it into the crack and pushed the door open another inch or two. I was laughing and holding on tight, Ray's feet were going a mile a minute but the floor was too slippery for him to gain any purchase.
"What's going on?" I asked no one in particular.
I could see a lightbulb go off over Chance's head. "It must be the rabbit," he said, "It's one of the dogs' best friend. We have a Cairn Terrier here today and his rabbit is in the back in a cage. Ray must smell him."
Ray was 'looking' through the crack in the door, his ears deployed in ultra dumbo mode, his body tense in super-interested mode. I dragged him away from the office door and out the front. He fell asleep the minute he hit the back seat.

Bonus Photos of Ray taken by my 7-year old niece, Hannah, while we were in South Carolina


  1. At the risk of anthropomorphizing Ray, doesn't he look like he's having fun with Hannah? I would swear he's laughing ;-)

    Liam's Mom

    1. I know. I thought the same thing when I saw these photos. But you would be right. Ray LOVES Hannah and has such a good time with her.

  2. Oh, now. NO ONE I know EVER anthropomorphizes. I know I would never sink so low as to do that! ;) Now, as to the photo, I know Ray is laughing at the idea of any of us trying to assign human characteristics to him. He just is being Ray and we are all being assigned dog characteristics to our actions. He is very amused by us all putting our 2 cents in on all his moms posts. BTW, nice photos Hannah.