Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Brother is out there

So, I was poking around the blog site, as I sometimes do, and found that the statistics page is much more extensive than I had originally thought. I find statistics fascinating. And, in this case, truly baffling.

Ray's blog has been viewed 24,379 times. (I'm sure that most of these views were inadvertent, like when you google 'cat food' and Ray's blog surfaces because of his fascination with that item. But still, 24,000 is a pretty big number. It kind of boggles the mind.) But that isn't the baffling part. The baffling thing is that Ray's Number One blog, which has been viewed 508 times, roughly 400 more times than it's nearest competitor, is The Pullet Has a Limp (click the title to view). The second most viewed (130) is Another Poop Post, whose popularity can probably be explained by young boys googling 'Poop' and the third (103) is The Magic of Yogurt, which is probably viewed by people researching yogurt or magic or both.
SO, how do you explain the popularity of The Pullet Has a Limp? Are there really that many people out there with gimpy chickens? If so I think there needs to be some major research into why chickens go lame all of a sudden. And if that isn't the case, what is the explanation? Is it an Orwellian thing? (the original reference came from his diary).
If you have ANY ideas as to why this posting is number one, please tell me. I'm really, really curious.


  1. I Googled the following phrases that were in "The Pullet Has A Limp" to see if your blog came up in the first ten hits or so:
    - "things that breathe"
    - "doggy daycare"
    - "doggie daycare"
    - "doggie RAYcare" (okay, it wasn't in the your blog, but it was a possible typo)
    - "sniff her butt"
    None of the first four searches brought up your blog. Although the fifth search didn't bring up your blog either, I did learn something very important... NEVER EVER search on that phrase again! Trust me on this one.

  2. Dunno. Maybe there a a few X Rated sights that use pullet???