Saturday, January 21, 2012

Let Sleeping Dogs Snore

Well, Ray and I are back at it. I'm at work, so he is at 'school.' Now that he's older and wiser, Ray doesn't like school as much as he used to. He'd much rather be home on his nice, comfy couch than in a pen with a bunch of noisy dogs that keep him awake. So I've decided that maybe, now that he has slowed down a bit and isn't quite as, ummmm, inquisitive with his mouth (I hate to say 'destructive' because I think Ray is using his own kind of braille to figure things out. It's just that his braille involves teeth), that we will downgrade to every other day. I figure one day to wear him out; one day to recover. We'll see if that works.
This week I only worked three days so Ray went to school on Wednesday, stayed home Thursday (when Sandra, my favorite across-the-street neighbor, came over to walk him and decided that maybe he needed a run around the dog park and took him (!) - bless her soul), and then went to school on Friday.
When we got home Friday afternoon, Ray showed how happy he was in his usual fashion, he picked up his rawhide and took it for a ride around the coffee table a couple of times. I fed him and the cats and sat down on the couch to check my email. My blind hound curled up next to me and went instantly to sleep. Here's a 30 second video of Ray after being home for approximately 30 minutes. Make sure you turn the volume on your computer all the way up so you can hear him sleeping.



  1. Oh, for the opportunity to take a nice nap, mmmm... You sure are lucky Ray. You enjoy your naps. They are one of the little rewards in life. Nice of you to let mom hear how much you are enjoying your naps. Cute.