Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Welcome

Gregg was asleep upstairs. Ray was sleeping on his futon outside the bedroom door. I was downstairs, knitting. Midnight struck.
Outside, firecrackers started popping. I heard Ray give a brief 'AROO,' then pause, and then start in on a longer bout of determined yelling. I heard his feet hit the floor, and then heard him as he barreled down the stairs, harrumphing and grumbling at the noise that had wakened him.
I was in the mood to celebrate the new year so I clipped Ray's leash on his collar and we headed out back. The firecrackers were booming in earnest now.
I stood, grinning like an idiot while Ray welcomed in the New Year. His hound dog yell is much safer than firecrackers but every bit as noisy.
Amazingly, Gregg slept through it all.


  1. Ray you are such a party animal!! Roxy spent New Years under our bed:(

  2. Ray is named after a musician after all so he decided to sing in the new year. How very 'Ray' of him. Way to welcome the new year Ray, your own way.

  3. Yes, I was up 'til the wee hours with a crazed dog, too (unwillingly, in my case!)

  4. Ooooo, bummer. Was that Josie?

    I don't actually think Ray was 'celebrating' the new year. I think he was actually telling everyone to stop all the nonsense and go to bed. There was an awful lot of harrumphing involved.

  5. We let Twiggie and Conor go outside and try to drown out the shockingly loud fireworks being let off in the early evening of 31 Dec, they gave it a good go while poor old Minty tried to hide from the bangs :-(