Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Renovation

The plastic sheeting was making crinkly sounds and moving. Felipe and I stopped staring at the ceiling and looked at each other quizzically. We had been discussing the placement of the new recessed lights, and the plastic sheeting, which was taped to the ceiling and draped over all of the furniture, had been quiet and unmoving up until now. Felipe was part of the construction crew that had worked on the large, undisclosed-amount-of-money dog-door project and he was back to work on the fireplace and new lights.
Felipe at work
We glanced behind us and saw Ray gingerly picking his way through the room, poking at the plastic sheeting with his nose. Things were not as they should be. Everything was moved around, it was late, he was tired, and he wanted to go to bed.
Felipe and I watched as Ray made several forays into the plastic with his nose before giving up on a frontal assault and retreating down the length of the room to where the plastic sheet ended. He poked around a bit, found an opening, and delicately stepped through into the tunnel created by the sheet and the furniture.
Find the hidden dog
"What is he doing?" asked Felipe with a seriously perplexed look on his face.
"I think he's trying to find his pillow," I replied.
I was just guessing. Ray had finished dinner and it was after 4:00 - his winter bedtime.
Ray slowly made his way from one end of the couch to his pillow on the opposite end, being very careful not to bonk into UFOs (unexpected furniture objects). He pulled himself up onto the couch, curled into a ball, harrumphed, groaned, sighed and settled in for a snooze.
Can you see him now?
The look on Felipe's face of pure astonishment had me laughing.
"That's amaaaazing," said Felipe obviously impressed by the blind dog's homing instinct.
In the tunnel


  1. Ray, can you come and teach Roxy how to adapt to new things? You are amazing!!

  2. Have you ever thought of reading Ray the bedtime book called "Who moved my cheese"? It is about dealing with change. I have not read it myself, just heard about it....but then again Ray seems to deal with his 'cheese being moved' very well. He knew what he wanted and he went for it. Hugs to Ray. He gets a big Atta Boy!! for the day.

  3. I think Ray is enjoying the renovation. He gets to see Felipe every day. He gets to see his old friend Al on occasion (another one of the old construction crew). And he gets to try to cadge part of Felipe's delicious smelling lunch (not very successfully - but he does try).