Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring has Sprung

With the advent of warmer weather, Ray is once again lovin' life. Not because he is a warm weather hound (he actually seems to have much more energy when it's cooler), but because there are kids outside playing. The walk around the block that usually takes about 15-20 minutes in the winter months, takes about twice that in the spring when kids are once again enjoying the great outdoors.
If Ray hears a kid-voice, his tail starts wagging, then he points his nose in the general direction of the voice, and then he tries to drag me in the general direction of the kid. If it's a kid that Ray knows, I will assess if the kid seems interested in giving my dog a belly-rub. If the answer is yes, I will let Ray pull me over to the kid and let him flop for a few minutes. If the answer is no, I will tell Ray to keep on walking.
Ray is generally pretty good about listening to me, unless of course there is a baby involved. If there is, all bets of good behavior are off. Ray LOVES babies and just wants to lick them from head to toe. For some reason most mothers are reluctant to have their offspring bathed in this way. But every once in awhile, Ray gets lucky. Someone will let him lick their baby's feet and legs. If he is very lucky, he gets a hand, and if he is very, very lucky, Ray gets to plant a kiss on the baby's face. Ray lives for these moments.
So, I'm happy to report that we have one baby at the end of the street whose mother loves Ray. Whenever she sees us walking by, she will bring the baby to Ray for a quick lick and her little boy and little girl will come out to rub his belly. I have told my good neighbor, that if anything ever happens to me, she is to take Ray and keep him. I can't imagine a better life for Ray than one with a little boy, a little girl, and a baby. My good neighbor has said she will so I can rest easy.
Although, if Ray knew what was agreed upon, I have to think he might try to plot my untimely end.

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