Thursday, March 29, 2012

If I had a hammer...

"Good luck with the construction," said Gregg as he left the house on his way to work.
"Thanks," I replied as I heard the door shut behind him.
There was a squeak. I looked at Ray who had picked a toy out of his basket and was standing in the front hall 'looking' at me. I laughed and stood up to grab at the toy, a rubber hammer that I had bought for him eons ago before I realized he didn't like anything rubber. He had shown no interest in it (even though it has a great squeaker) since the day he got it.
As I grabbed the hammer, Ray let it go and made the universal sign of 'blech' with his mouth, pulling his lips back and sticking out his tongue. He made no move to retrieve his hammer; his impulse to help with the construction had passed.
Ray with his hammer.

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