Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Signs of Spring

It's early this year. But it is definitely here. I know because of the following:

Flowers are popping up all over.

Turtles are out sunning themselves on logs
(look closely, they're there)

Frogs are everywhere.

And Ray can't make it around the block without passing out in someone's driveway.


  1. Hahaha, Ray's such a card! Unfortunately, Emma has begun "pulling a Ray" every night at bedtime - I stand at the bottom of the stairs at 10 pm (she's always sleeping up there on my bed) and yell at her to come go out so we can go to bed, and she totally ignores me. So I yell louder. And clap mt hands. And yell louder. And bang my hand on the stair rail. And yell some more. Finally, I have to start up the stairs, cursing all the while. But of course, when I'm about 3/4 of the way up, she gets her lazy behind up and trots past me quickly, yawning... At least I don't have to carry her down like I did Ray on many occasions :)

    1. Hahahaahahahahaha. When Ray does that I usually go to the back door, open it up, step outside, and close the door. Then I make footstep noises on the patio. Ray thinks I'm having fun outside without him and comes trotting to the door (after dragging himself sloooowly off the couch, yawning widely, and streeeeeeetching).
      That thing about having to carry Ray down the stairs - thank God he was only a puppy when you had him (what did he weigh back then, 30 or 40 pounds or so? - now he's topping 70). Just think of all the great exercise he gave you. What a good dog. : )

  2. Jeez, idk - he was pretty big,and heavy. Looking back, I'm always thankful I didn't fall and break both our necks! As far as Emma goes, maybe I should give them their little can of green peas (they LOVE peas!)at bedtime. The minute Emma hears me pop that can top, I hear her "thunk" off the bed upstairs, and she comes running. Hmmm, good idea...