Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye Ken

Last week, on Wednesday, during a driving rainstorm, Ray's friends Ken and Miko moved away. Ray loved Ken and Miko. Whenever we walked around the block, Ray's tail would start to swing whenever we got about a house-length away from Ken's. Now when we walk around the block and Ray's tail starts to swing, I say, "Ken's gone Ray. He doesn't live there anymore."
Ray is not dissuaded. Yesterday, he pulled me up to Ken's house, climbed up on the front porch and lay down, Sphinx-like.
"Ken's gone, Ray. He's not coming back," I told my dog. "Lets go."
Ray relaxed a little onto his side as if to say "I'll wait. I know he'll be back."
I felt myself choking up. I found myself thinking of all of the people I've met since adopting this blind hound and how much he has changed my life. Someone that I didn't know two years ago has moved out of his house and I miss him every time I walk by. So does my dog.


  1. How sad. We too are missing a little friendly critter that just moved away from our nieghborhood. I, like Ray, look for him everyday, even tho I know Butterbean isn't there. It is SO hard when friends move. I'm sorry you are missing your friend Ray, I'm right there with ya.

  2. Hopefully Ray will find another pooch to make a connection with...and a human for you !