Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Visit from the Murph

It rained last night. So, of course, according to Murphy's law, Murphy is here today. We get her for the whole weekend (one of the side benefits of having young friends that still go places on the weekends).
After a nice walk around the lake, the dogs played all day.
Hey Ray! Let's herd geese!
You're no fun.
Well, truthfully, Murphy spent most of her day watching out the sliding glass door for squirrels, then charging through the dog door to chase them. And Ray spent most of his time moving from place to place and napping. But in between the squirrel-chasing and the napping, it was wrestle-in-the-front-hall-chase-around-the-coffee-table-tug-of-war time. Murphy brought her own own toy which, apparently, is Ray's favorite in the whole world.
It is SO nice to have them back together.
We like sleepovers.

I just can't keep my eyes openzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. is that how we will be when you guys come over here ;-)

  2. Hi Murphy, good to see you. Please forgive Ray, he didn't see the geese to chase. Seems you wore him out tho. Friends are a good thing!!

  3. OMG! That precious snoozing face.
    ~Melinda from Texas