Saturday, August 25, 2012


I decided it was time to re-cover the cat-tree. I assembled my tools and carpet scrap and retreated to the cat room. 

I removed the old cover and draped the new piece of carpet over the top of the tree. At this point, Moonie got involved in the renovation. She jumped to the top platform and sat, trying out the feel of the new carpet on her butt.
Hmmm, I like it. Exactly the right amount of scratchiness.

Then Hugo jumped from the bed to the floor and decided that he'd never seen the hole in the front before. He ducked inside to check it out.

Hey, what's this????? Moonie! Did you know this was here?

Suddenly, Moonie noticed, for the first time ever, that there was a ceiling fan and that, now that I had conveniently moved the cat tree close enough, there was a possibility that she could jump up and sit on one of the fan blades.

OMG. Hugo! Have you ever seen this thing before?! 
What is this????

Hugo came out of the hole to check out the tools to make sure I was doing it right.
Let's see, tacks and a hammer. Yep, looks like you got everything.
Oh, wait, what about the carpet cutter?

Obviously feeling left out, Ray appeared at the door. Being as helpful as all the other animals in the house, he plopped down on the remaining carpet scrap.
Hey Moonie! Did you try out this carpet?
It's pretty comfortable. A really nice scratchiness.

Hugo got bored and went to take a nap in the tent;

Moonie retired to the perch on the windowsill. Ray stayed put until the hammering got to be too much, then he left.
Pssssst Ray, 
I don't think she's doing it right, do you?

With the remaining piece of carpet freed-up, and all the animals otherwise occupied, I was able to finish the project.

Not bad. I kinda like it, but can you do it in blue?


  1. such helpful assistants I am sure their input was invaluable ;-)