Monday, August 20, 2012

Good News!

Because of the fantastic response by Ray's friends, he won the People's Choice award for the Pho'dog'raphy contest.  Apparently, there was an actual prize attached to this contest (I just wanted Ray to win because he's so, well, because he's so winning.)
Betty Morales, the photographer, called Gregg while Ray and I were on the road and informed him that we won a $50 gift certificate to Just Fur Pets (Ray's daycare place), and a 5x7 print of the winning photo.
Ray wants me to find out if the Just Fur Pets owner will donate his prize to the local dogpark fund. A new dogpark is in the works. A bond is going up for a vote in November and if the bond passes, a dogpark will be installed about a mile from our house. The catch is, $15,000 needs to be raised before the park can be built. Pledges are being accepted.
SO, Ray sends a kiss on the lips to all of his friends!


  1. All of the dogs were of course beautiful in their own way but Ray does hold a special place in my heart ;-)

  2. Yay!!!! Congratulations, Ray!!! The competition was tough, but the best Red-Tick Coonhound won!

  3. Of course he did! His really showed his personality :)

  4. Replies
    1. We were pretty thrilled. Mirella, the Just Fur Pets owner, was able to donate the $50 to the dogpark and Ray got a goodie bag of dog treats. Everybody wins.