Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Cat, the Dog

Ray was headed down the block. I had let him out of the house to lounge on the front porch while Gregg was reading. But while I was showing Gregg the Cicada Killer nest in the crack in the driveway, Ray had decided to check out the house next door, the one on the other side of us, away from his friend William's house.
I slowly headed after the dog, calling.
"C'mere, Ray," I said gently not wanting to encourage Ray into a full-on jail-break.
Ray picked up his pace a bit, but not in my direction.
I walked along the sidewalk in front of the house next door.
"Come, Ray. Ray. Ray, come," I called. "Ray, COME."
Ray ignored me. He poked along the shrubbery then made a beeline for the front door (How does he know the house has a front door? He's never been there before.)
Before he had a chance to knock on the door, I ran across the front lawn and snagged his collar. I dragged the errant dog home, let him in the front door and turned to look across the lawn. Hugo was sitting on the sidewalk.
"Come on, Hugo," I said to my cat.
Hugo turned and trotted across the grass to my side. I sighed.


  1. well done Hugo, Dora and Wilf are pretty good now when called to come in, might be something to do with the tasty dried liver treats they get rewarded with though ;-)

    1. No treats required for my Hugo! He really is the best cat I've ever had. (despite his white-hot hatred of the blind hound). Just a sweet, sweet boy.

  2. I am giggling so hard it is hard to type.
    Go figure. Just when you think you know them......
    Love it!!!
    Hugo is a sweet sweet boy because he is a black cat (Chat noir). They are the BEST. We have one and he is wonderful.

    1. If all black cats were like Hugo, I'd have a house full of them!

    2. Black cats and variations thereof are my favorites. Of course, 13 is my favorite number. Go figure.
      ~Melinda from Texas

  3. Oh can't be doing things like that! You have to remember that The Mom doesn't need the stress. You gotta listen. Trust me, as The Mom to three young blind dogs, it's a bit stressful when one goes the "wrong way". Hiker did that while swimming one day, scared the crap outta me as she headed for the opposite shore! As for Hugo - yup that's a cat for you. Likely a little flick of the tail too.

    1. I've often wanted to let Ray loose to swim but unless I'm in a boat and can chase him down, it ain't gonna happen.