Saturday, August 18, 2012

Snapshots of Vacation

I haven't taken any photos of Ray while on this trip to South Carolina, but I do have some mental images:

  • My 91 year old dad talking babytalk to the big, blind hound.
  • My sister-in-law, Yuko, playing with Ray by walking around the backyard with a trowel, "burying" the first inch of his rawhide bone, and leaving the remaining 11 inches of it sticking straight up out of the ground so that he could find it easily.
  • Ray playing with my 7-year old niece, Hannah, the same way he plays with Murphy. Chasing her around the backyard and yelling constantly at her when she steals his bone. 
  • Everyone sitting in the living room watching Ray chase Hannah through the room, into the hall, through the kitchen and back again, yelling the whole while, and no one doing anything to stop the fun (or the noise).
  • Yuko doing "origami" with Ray's ears, rolling them up on either side of his head so that he looked just like Princess Leia in Star Wars.
  • Hannah sitting on the floor watching TV with Ray sprawled out beside her, his head resting on her leg, her fingers idly twirling his ear, like a girl would twirl her own hair. 
  • Ray 'protecting' from Hannah the spot that he buried his bone (and, in fact, giving it away) by standing five feet from it and 'staring' straight at it. 
  • My 6-foot-something brother, John, walking to the library with Hannah and Ray. Hannah trotting along, happily holding the leash and guiding the 70 pound dog. 
  • My sister, Kathy, sitting on the couch reading a book with Ray snuggled up next to her. 
  • Ray singing to the girls next door; the big Rottweiler and her visiting friend, an emphysemic-sounding English Bulldog


  1. Thanks for sharing those wonderful images, Jean! Photos couldn't have done them justice.

    Safe travels,

  2. Ray had a great vacation! He is one lucky dog. (even if he did have to stay in the hotel that had the really shocking carpet again)heeheehee

  3. Memories are precious. Memories shared with loved ones are even more precious. I am so glad you made some really good memories with your big wonderful hound dog and your family. Blessings to you and the whole family that loves Ray.

  4. very powerful imagery and lots of wonderful memories :-)

  5. Sounds like Ray enjoyed his much needed and well deserved vacation; his life is so stressful... (LOL)

    1. I want his kind of stress! It's a dog's life takes on a whole new meaning...

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  7. Thanks Tina, Anne, and Nik for the nice comments!

  8. I "saw" all your images. What a wonderful description of y'all's vacation.
    ~Melinda from Texas (now to be identified as Melly, or MfT)