Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Famous Redtick

Today in the Parade magazine section of the local paper, there was a photo of a dog sitting on a birdhouse with the caption "Can Your Dog Do This?" The accompanying blurb said that Photographer Theron Humphrey's rescue hound Maddie has the ability to keep her balance on top of anything.
The photographer has put together a book of photos, Maddie on Things, and the paper included a link so that you could see an example of some of the photos.
The reason I bring this up, Maddie is a Redtick Coonhound. I had heard that one of the characteristics of coonhounds is that they can climb trees. I don't actually thing Maddie climbed up any of these things herself, but the photos of her on things are pretty funny. So if you are interested, here's the link:


  1. Maddie in the tree is ace tho' she looks downright uncomfortable in some & contravening her H&S in others :0.

    A potential g/f for the great Raymundo?

    1. H&S?

      she is cute, although Ray won't know that. I wonder where she lives...

  2. 'elf n safety, one off the bugbears of C21 Britain (necessary yet far too over the top) ... Shirley there's a Redtick unique scent that Ray would pick up on? ;0)

  3. What is it about Coonhounds and precarious perches? Yesterday I busted Jezebelle standing on top of the grill, cleaning off the steak schmutz. Fortunately she waited until the grill was cool to jump up.

    @ have my sympathy. Our H&S is over the top, too.