Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can dogs count?

It was 'can day.' Can day is when Ray gets to lick out the empty dog food can. Since Ray gets a quarter of a can of dog food with his kibble, can day occurs every other day, usually in the evening unless we get off track by trying to feed him duck.
Normally, when I feed Ray, he waits in the living room by the kitchen door until I put his dish on the floor. So when can day would roll around, I would say, "Ooooo, somebody gets to lick out the can!" and Ray would magically appear at my side to gingerly take the can in his teeth and carry it to the front hall to give it a good cleaning. Only after the can was good and clean would he come to eat his dinner.
This can day, I didn't say anything. I wanted to see if Ray knew, without being told, that it was can day.
So, here's my question. HOW did he know that it was can day? Because, of course, he did.


  1. I'm with aIagn...some things are just other explanation necessary.

  2. Phases of the moon???

  3. Ray is just a super smart boy!

  4. Maybe when you take the last of the food out of the can it makes a different sound since you've reach the bottom and so that's how he knows.

    1. That's a good guess!
      I'll see if he turns up BEFORE or AFTER I spoon the food out of the can.