Monday, April 1, 2013

The Joke is on Me

I was sitting in the living room on Gregg's chair reading the morning paper; Gregg had already left for work. Moonie and Hugo were milling about the kitchen where I had left a little dish of milk and Moonie's third bowl of food for the day (it was only about 7 a.m.). Ray was asleep on his favorite pillow on his favorite couch in the other room.
All of a sudden, Ray spazzed off of the couch and sprinted to the front hall, his tail curled high over his back in hunt-alert mode. Hugo was nowhere to be seen and Moonie was in her own little cat world having a drink of milk.
I didn't hear anything, but Ray must have heard something, I thought to myself as I got up off of the chair, leaving my robe covering the seat, to herd Ray away from the incredible shrinking cat and her milk.
"Go lay down, Ray," I said as I stood in the doorway blocking Ray's entry to the kitchen.
Ray's tail went from full sail to half-mast as he turned and started back to the couch, then swerved and made a beeline for the chair I had been occupying. Before I could move, the dog was curled in a ball on top of my robe on top of my chair.
I sighed.
I hate April Fools Day.


  1. Ha ha ha!! Outsmarted by the blind dog! (It's okay, it happens at our house too.)

  2. Curious, the tick boxes don't present on my Android dog'n'bone :0/

    So I officially love this post & laughed at it

    Ray is just such a dude

    1. Thank you for laughing.
      And he is a dude isn't he?