Friday, April 19, 2013

Helping with the Landscape Plan

Yesterday, the zoysia (grass) arrived in the mail.
Knowing that we were expecting rain the next day, which when you are planting grass is a good thing, I immediately got to work trying to get as much of it into the ground as I could in one day.
So along with my trusty hound, I headed to the backyard with the tools necessary to cut small sheets of zoysia into approximately 1,000, one-inch-square 'plugs' and to plant them approximately one foot apart. My plan is that some small percentage of them will survive and eventually take over the entire yard. (I can see you collectively shaking your heads, but I have faith.)
Being a helpful sort, Ray immediately got to work. He dug a shallow hole. Then he rested. 
He supervised. Then he rested some more. And some more. And some more. 
Finally, after I was done for the day (with about a third of the plugs planted), Ray tested out the new zoysia and found it good.

I don't doubt you, but
are you sure you know what you're doing?

Resting some more
More resting

... resting...

...and more resting
Testing the zoysia

Finding it good


  1. Well, you, um, hmmmm, you hmmm, oh! he was company to you and kept you from getting bored by making you take breaks to take pictures!! Yea, that was his job for the day!! He kept you on track. He didn't let you get bored. Good dog Ray, now go and eat your yummy lunch of Duck, mmmmmmm.................;p

  2. I have looked into the grass you are planting....(my yard needs a lot of help) I had never heard of zyosia before and am very intrigued by it. I even visited a few web sites about it. I wonder if I could get it to grow in my weed filled Florida yard? I too have a very helpful dog, is that a pre-requisite for planting?? Mine is deaf, old and almost it seems I have the correct supervision. I will be interested to hear how yours is growing.
    Make sure Ray keeps a good eye on it...he had a hand in the planting.

    1. Well, I think in Florida you would have a really good chance of establishing zoysia. I have doubts about it taking off in some sections of my backyard but am hopeful for the rest.
      As far as help goes, either a cat or dog would work equally well in this instance. They are both equally useful (useless?).
      I promise to post occasional updates on the grass' progress.
      I know Ray will keep a close eye on it. He loves the zoysia yards around here. They are much more noticeable to me in the winter when the grass goes dormant (turns into a golden mat while the fescue stays green) but he can tell all year round by how they feel underpaw.

  3. I applaud your efforts! I think if I tried that grass - Blueberry would take it upon herself to "help" by destroying the grass before it had time to settle in. I'm actually really proud of Ray for just laying on it and not digging it back up!

    1. Well, Ray did try to be a backseat plug planter by taking a few moments to rearrange a few of the plugs but was roundly discouraged by moi. I'm sure that more than one of the plugs will meet an untimely end at the feet of the hound, but like I said before, if I can get a few established I think they will spread and fill in over time. Ok, maybe hope is a better word...
      It's my last-ditch effort to get some grass back where it was.

  4. Dog supervisors are the best! Ask an opinion and you'll likely get the answer you want. Good for you for tackling that grass and be sure and let us know how well it grows.

    1. Very true. Ray rarely disagrees with anything I say. One of his best qualities.
      Updates will be forthcoming in the coming months.