Tuesday, April 16, 2013

One About Hugo

Ever since we got Ray, Hugo's routines have gone out the window. No more sitting on my lap in the morning for bellyrubs. No more strolling around the backyard in the afternoon, sniffing things while I garden. No more laying next to me in the evening watching TV. The last three years have been very hard for poor old nervous-Nelly Hugo. Lately, he has been much braver but still the routines are not back in place.
The one thing that has not changed for the black cat is his bedtime routine of getting a treat. In Hugo-land, where it's all about the food, this is the most important routine of all. As I prepare for bed, Gregg gets out Hugo's bag of treats, opens it up, squeezes the bag sideways so that it remains open, and then holds it level to the ground so that the big cat can fish his own treat out of the bag. This is very important to him. Hugo wants to get that treat himself. It makes the routine more fun and sometimes he is lucky enough to hook two treats out at once.
The other night, after the treat routine, Hugo was pacing nervously and mewing. (Even though he is a large cat, Hugo has a tiny cat mew.) As I neared the bed to turn back the covers, the pacing became more nervous, the mewing a little more frantic.
"What's wrong, Hugo?" I asked, "I know I saw your dad give you a treat, so don't try to con me."
Now that he had my attention, Hugo's pacing became even more frantic, his mewing almost hysterical.
"What? What is it? Is Timmy down the well again? Or do you just want another treat?" I asked the agitated cat.
At the word 'treat,' Hugo stopped pacing and stood facing me.
I sighed, the last thing our fatty needed was another treat. But knowing that this is all he has left in the world that makes him happy, I succumbed to my guilt at having disrupted all of Hugo's routines by bringing home a big blind dog, and got down the treat bag.
Hugo's entire body quivered with excitement.
I opened the bag. A single treat remained in the bottom. I held the bag at ground level for the cat to paw out. Hugo reached all the way into the bag, snagged his treat, and ate it in one gulp. Happy, he jumped up on the bed and plopped over.
Our little Mr. Monk had been distraught over the thought of that single treat left lying in the bag alone. OCD*-cat could now relax.

OCD-cat likes to be petted from top of head to tip of tail
*obsessive compulsive disorder


  1. Maybe he's like me and his memory is not quite what it used to be :) I'm pretty sure I take double doses of my blood pressure med sometimes because I can't remember if I took it already (I know, I know, I need to use a daily pill holder thingy...)

  2. Oh, poor Hugo! That's a bit sad that he doesn't lay with you in the evenings. Our recent addition, Elsie, is now a super cuddly lap cat much to Breeze's delight and Breeze is learning the word "easy" so that the poor cat doesn't get squished.

    I know that frantic meowing about treats. Our two do that as soon as the pack goes out in the morning! OMG we need treats NOW!!

  3. Shows how smart Hugo is. He had counted the treats as he ate them and knew you needed another bag. He was helping with the shopping list.

    I am glad tho that at least this one routine has stayed the same for the big black cat. We too have a big solid black panther cat. They are the best.

    I do wish he'd learn to trust Ray. Ray is trying...like when he personally went to tell Hugo that Moon Pie was back from the vet....he wanted to keep Hugo in the loop.

    Hugs and more hugs to Hugo, Moonie Pie and Ray

  4. I'll bet he uses his left hand to fish the treats, doesn't he?? LOL