Friday, April 5, 2013

Ray's New Obsession

Ray has a new obsession, and his name is Jasper.
Jasper, Tucker's nephew, is equally obsessed with the tall, noisy one. While Ray yells non-stop at the puppy, the puppy jumps non-stop at the hound's mouth. I believe he is trying to find the source of the noise emanating from Ray's throat.
Sorry about the quality of the video, all I had with me was my phone.


  1. What a great video!! You're worried about Jasper being stepped on? Ah heck, he's a Cattle Dog, he'll be fine. As you noted, persistent, determined and lots of stamina, all typical ACD traits. I would love to see video of them running around the yard. It's one thing I love watching at home. Blind chasing sighted and sighted chasing blind.

    Here's hoping for more puppy play dates for Ray!

    1. Unfortunately, this yard is one big booby-trap for Ray. And Jasper wouldn't leave me alone long enough to run around and have Ray follow him. I wasn't holding him in my lap, he just kept jumping there. And where there was Jasper, there was Ray.

    2. Maybe Ray could invite them over to his house? Think of how much fun that would be! (or maybe it's just me, used to chaos...)

    3. Oh yeah, Jasper has been here before but the same exact thing happens here. He tries to jump in Ray's mouth.

  2. Holy heck, that's a lot of craziness :)