Thursday, December 12, 2013

A New Pecking Order?

It was feeding time. I'd learned pretty quickly that if Ray is standing with the cats and waiting for his food, it's best to feed him first. Well, right after Harvey anyway. Our new Terminator Cat (defined as one who keeps jumping on the counter, no matter how many times you put him on the floor) must be first.

So with Harvey having been dispatched to the Feeding Station, and Juno casually strolling around the kitchen, I placed Ray's dog-dish full of breakfast on his placemat. Juno, thinking that she'd like to try the new delicacy, trotted over and stuck her head in the dish. Ray, who always approaches his food cautiously, as if he is about to be poisoned, slowly walked forward, his head lowered. His nose touched fur. Surprised, Ray raised his head and cocked it, a rather quizzical look on his face. He stood alertly next to the little cat, waiting. Juno, finding the new food not to her liking, sashayed away. Ray, not knowing that the cat had gone, waited patiently for her to finish.
"She's gone, Ray," I said, walking to the dish and tapping it with my fingernail.
Ray slowly lowered his head and nosed around. Then, satisfied that no-one else was eating his meal, he tucked into his food.


  1. Boo and Emma were always ok with sharing their food with the cats - you'd see them eating out of the same bowl; but once our kitten Moxie made the mistake of trying to eat out of Josey's bowl at the same time she was. Josey turned and snapped at her - opened a 1/2 inch bloody slice on her little muzzle :( Josey didn't mind the cats, but she won't put up with any other animal around her food... Ray, of course, is a gentleman :)