Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The kittens are starting to remind me of Ray when he was a puppy. It's amazing how much puppy-Ray and they have in common. One of Ray's early blogs listed everything he played with in a morning. Here is a similar list for the kittens, although this is more of a generic list of things that I've seen them play with up until now.

  • Christmas ornaments (I spend part of every day redecorating the Christmas tree)
  • Lip balm
  • Pens and pencils
  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • The sliding cellular shade that covers the sliding glass door
  • Crickets
  • My keys
  • The phone headset (a favorite of Ray's, he ate at least one of these and I was constantly taking them away from him)
  • The power cord to my laptop
  • Ray's eyedrops (up until quite recently these resided on the kitchen counter. After spending hours on two consecutive mornings looking for them, these three bottles now live in a cupboard)
  • A bottle containing a single de-wormer pill that we are supposed to give Harvey sometime in the near future (if we can find it)
  • My bathrobe belt (I'm seriously considering asking for one with a zipper for Christmas)
  • The little dangly thing that hangs off my sweatshirt zipper - (the reason I won't ask for a zippered robe for Christmas)
  • A seam-ripping tool without the lid on it. (I will be eternally grateful that Juno did not try to eat this)
  • A small, metal goat bell
  • A long, narrow piece of fleece (I could tell it was a grudge match. The fleece won)
  • Anything not nailed down that is small enough to bat around

Juno also finds Ray's treat ball fascinating. She watches him play with it, hears it rattle, and wants in on the action, but the thing is just too big for her to move. I have added to my list of Things to Do: find out if cat treat balls exist.


  1. Yes, there are actually cat treat balls. Sometimes I wander over to the kitty section to see what toys they have. I don't know why.

    Those kittens sound like they are keeping you very busy! I didn't realize they could get into so many things. I bet you can't wait for Christmas to be over so you can stop redecorating the tree every day!

    1. I look at it as an opportunity. And towards the end of the season, I'll stop putting them back on, just leave them lying around the living room. It will save me loads of time!

  2. Juno needs to check the Xmas box that arrived today for a treat ball. The person at Petsmart said her cat loves it.