Friday, December 20, 2013


Ray was in the front hallway standing in front of Juno, his rawhide dangling from his doggy lips like a large stogie. His tail was swinging tentatively. I could tell that Juno was considering running but was awaiting developments. If the big dog came towards her, she would go, otherwise she would hold her ground
I laughed. I knew what Ray wanted. He wanted Juno to play keepaway with him.
"She's not going to play with you, Ray," I told my dog, "But I will. Gimme that bone, Ray."
At the familiar words, Ray started for the living room to do a loop around the coffee table. I scooped up Juno and followed him. As we neared his hind end, I bent a bit at the waist and held Juno in front of me within paws reach of Ray's swinging tail. The little cat drew back a bit but then, unable to resist the moving object, batted at the furry toy.
Excited that the cat was in on the game, Ray's tail picked up speed and so did his pace around the room. Juno and I followed, she batting, me laughing. Ray pranced into the hallway, turned, and did the classic butt-in-air doggy play pose. Juno, not quite as brave now that the massive dog-head was facing her, jumped from my hands and trotted to the safety of the Christmas tree to watch the end of the game. Ray and I took another couple of turns around the room but without the added excitement of Juno batting at his tail, the big dog soon lost interest and retired to the hallway for a chew.

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