Monday, December 9, 2013

Random Ray and Cat Photos

There's a dog chasing me. hee hee.
Hey, have you seen Juno?
Now where did she get to?
HEY RAY, I'm right here!
(Geez what is wrong with him?)

Getting an ear rub from dad

Hey Juno, did you hear that?
Bought at an estate sale shortly after the
"ride the lamp to the floor" incident
I'm hungry. What's for dinner?
Well, if dog food is all they have, guess it'll have to do...
I love that freshly laundered feeling…
(that's a fabric softener sheet he stole from the laundry room)
Living here isn't too bad even if they do have a dog...
…not too bad at all

I love you guys


zzzzzzzzzzz                                    zzzzzzzzzzz

Holy CRAP, what was that?

When did you say the pool was going to re-open?

It's hard to relax when I know they're here...

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