Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Semper Fi, Ray

Hello Ray-o-nauts, Gregg again. I've taken a week's leave so I'm the surrogate blogger for awhile. Despite my time off, I still woke up at my unusual ungodly hour this morning and thought I'd take Ray out for a run. It was going to be in the 100-plus heat index, so I thought I may as well get it over with. I stretched (as best as I could with Ray pinning me to the ground as usual) and we were off. It was cool and damp, but heating up fast. We rounded the lake and met Rex - - a well-behaved Airedale. After the usual posterior sniffing, I guess a new friend was made. Then Ray went into his usual slacker-mode. 
Last week, when we were in the summer-TV doldrums, we clicked on "The Wind and The Lion," a watchable Sean Connery movie about a Bedouin revolt in Morocco in the early 1900s. There was a scene when the U.S. Marines marched into Tangier to take on the bad guys, and they quick-marched and double-stepped through the the souks and bazaars with fixed bayonets and so on. I thought I would try that with Ray, and it worked! The pace was manageable, and he kept up smartly. Semper Fi Ray! 
When we got home, I went upstairs to shower and shave.  As I was toweling off, I heard violent paper rustling. I ran downstairs and there was Ray tearing through a stash of old bread we had saved for the ducks down on the lake. After useless BAHH-ing it was off to doggy day care and the rest of the day.

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