Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ray LIVE!!

Ok, so what do you need watered?
Gregg is the guest correspondent this week but I have to put in my own two cents. Ray has been an exceptionally good dog lately despite a few minor lapses like the toilet brush and the bread. He can't help it if he loves rubber handles and carbs. I've been letting him upstairs while I'm home and can keep an eye on him. I think it's helping the situation with the cats. Hugo keeps Ray in line by hissing at him (Ray is seriously afraid) and Moonie is getting somewhat used to seeing him around. He was in her face the other day while she was sitting on the swivel chair next to me in my office. She didn't flinch, didn't move, didn't hiss. He slowly backed away and continued to look for the shadow that he had seen enter the room just a moment earlier, (it was Moonie  coming in to jump up on the chair). Ray can't seem to make the connection between the shadows and his cats. Moonie is afraid of Ray when she is downstairs or on the ground, but when she is up on something or has me around for backup, she is a bit braver. 
Ray also has discovered a secret proclivity for cat toys. We've decided not to tell his dog friends that he hangs with cats and plays with their toys, he might get beat up at school.

I took Ray for an early morning walk because of the heat. Toby, a big German Shepherd with a big, deep bark, intimidated Ray initially. (I've never seen Ray actually cower except for the freight train the other day. He wasn't really scared, he was just being cautious.) Toby was friendly, and as soon as Ray realized it, he was fine.
We also met a boy walking a yellow lab/golden retriever mix named Buster. The boy wanted to know what kind of dog Ray was and thought he must be from Australia. Ray was very good and only did the wrist-mouthing briefly. He didn't try to nibble the boys shirt at all. And he only lunged once. He is learning fast, just like I knew he would. (Although I still carry the spray bottle with me just in case.) The boy told me that once Buster was in water, he needed to be blasted out because he loved swimming so much. I thought of Ray and his little wading pool...

...doe di doe doe, just doin' my chores
I think these over here look kinda dry.

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