Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer at the Pool

It's supposed to be a scorcher this week, starting today. I decided that Ray needed a pool to keep himself cool so I went looking for one of those formed plastic wading pools for tiny tots. Unfortunately, it's the wrong time of year to get one of those, but I was able to find a blow-up pool. I hesitated to buy it because I figured Ray would probably bite through it, but it was on sale and under $10, so I went ahead and bought it anyway.
Ray was a little leery. He heard me splashing around in the water and I'm sure had visions of the loch ness monster, but with Gregg's help and few treats, Ray overcame his initial misgivings and decided that having the worlds biggest water dish in his own backyard wasn't so bad after all. Take a look at Ray "swimming."

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