Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Usually on Saturday I like to sleep in until 7:00 but I got up early because I heard Ray moving around. I let him out and fed him then lay down on the couch to see if I could sleep for another 1/2 hour. 
Ray was very perky after his 12 hour nap. I heard him pick up my tennis shoe and start to play with it. I wasn't too worried. He always plays with my tennis shoe without damaging it (too much). I know that I'm going to have to get new laces and probably new innersoles but usually the shoes are just damp with a few tooth marks in them. I could hear him rolling around and grunting and chewing (laces). I thought I better take it away before he chewed one off and swallowed it. 
By the time I got off the couch, Ray had the innersole and wanted to play keep-away. I chased him around the coffee table a couple of times before I caught him. I removed the innersole from his jaws, jammed it back in the shoe and threw it back next to the front door. 
Ray resumed cruising the downstairs to see what toys he'd missed. He walked over to my roving basket that now had three really heavy cookbooks stacked on top of the lid. I watched him as he nudged at it (I wanted to see if it was finally Ray-Proof). The lid didn't budge so Ray grabbed one of the books (they are really heavy!), dragged it into the family room and laid down with it for a good read. I "Bah"ed and returned the book to its now-worthless duty as roving protector (note to self - try a bungee cord). 
I went back to the couch and closed my eyes. I heard Ray pick something up and jog into the front hall. I sat up and peered over the back of the couch just in time to see him grab a wad of Kleenex out of the box and start to shred it. I "Bah"ed, grabbed the box of Kleenex and returned it to it's position. Back to couch, close eyes.
Hey, does anyone need a kleenex?

RIIIIPPPPPP. Ray was at the back door, ripping the screen off of its Velcro (who doesn't like the sound of ripping Velcro?). I got up and replaced the screen (mosquitos, west nile). Back to couch. I heard Ray rummaging around behind the couch. Usually he's in the little basket of cat toys trying to find something to play with, this time he was in a file folder in which Gregg loosely stuffs recipes that he cuts out of the New York Times (Gregg is a wonderful chef - we eat really well here). Ray grabbed a mouthful of recipes and turned to the front hall. I sprinted off of the couch (NOT the RECIPES!), "Bah"ed, grabbed them from Ray and stuffed them back in the file which I moved to a higher bookshelf. 
Back to couch. I wasn't feeling particularly sleepy at this point. I picked up a notebook to jot down the things that Ray had been into already so that I could remember them for the blog. Ray came over grabbed the end of my pen and pulled. I "Bah"ed but too late, the plastic end with the pocket clip thingy came off in his mouth. He looked faintly surprised but pleased and took off with me in hot pursuit. More keep-away. I retrieved the pen cap and went back to the couch to add it to my list of Ray things. 
Ray headed back to the bookcase and found a cat toy on a shelf juuuussstttt out of reach. He used one of the lower shelves as a step and grabbed the mousie off of the shelf. I figured maybe I shouldn't let him have it, (too small, might swallow), so I got off of the couch and took the mousie from him. I laid back down and Ray came back over to me, grabbed the box of Kleenex and walked away, shaking it. It disintegrated. I jumped up, grabbed the remaining kleenex and put them out of reach. Man, I'm a slow learner. 
Ray took off outside. I laid back down (I don't know why I bothered). I was hoping he was going to dig up his bone and settle down a bit. He came back in with the remains of an empty pasta box that Gregg had given him to shred a couple of days previously. He tore it up, leaving the bits scattered around the hallway.
Ray wandered over to the hearth next to which I have an antique spinning wheel. I heard wood on bricks and looked to see if he was trying to eat the bobbins that were sitting on the hearth. He was just snuffling around knocking into things. He put his head through one of the spokes of the wheel, realized there was nothing there and retreated back to the coffee table in the family room where he tried to pick up the pepper grinder (the salt shaker is in the dish drainer - I found it in the front hall again yesterday with tongue marks on top). I "Bah"ed. He snuffled around the table top, grabbed my tv-wathcing glasses and took off. I grabbed the water bottle and spritzed him. 
Game over. It wasn't even 7:30.

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  1. Sounds like you have a toddler running around your house! (I know a little about that...)