Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ray, Patriot.

Last evening when I was taking Ray for a walk with Todd and Sasha, we passed a woman who lives at the end of our block but to whom I had never spoken. We exchanged greetings and she asked "What kind of dog is that?" At the first sound of her voice Ray had started in her direction. I told him to sit, which he did (!), then, without me asking, lifted a paw for her to shake(!!) Todd and I looked at each other dumfounded. I then looked at Ray in disbelief wondering what the heck had gotten in to him now. He was sitting quietly, raising his paw once again to be shook.
Upon returning home, I told Gregg about the encounter and described the location of the house where the woman lived. "Oh," he said, "She's a former Air Force officer."
Oh, I thought to myself, that explains it. Ray was just showing his respect for our military. It was probably his way of saluting.
What a good dog.

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