Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ray and Roxie

Oh, jeez
Last week, Ray and I were walking with Sandra and Maddie  when we came upon Roxie and her owner. We stood to chat as Ray flopped over; it was hot and he was tired. He lifted his leg to expose his belly for a belly rub.
Get away from me, kid.
Roxie, excited that her blind boyfriend was at her eye level tried to snuggle up to him. Embarrassed, Ray stood. Roxie, not being able to snuggle an ankle, came to get petted. Ray flopped again. Roxie headed back for a quick snuggle. Ray stood and tried to move away. Roxie whined. Ray looked even more embarrassed.
 Teeny-boppers are SO embarrassing.
It is the first time ever that I've had a camera when Roxie is around so I snapped a couple photos of Ray's teeniest girlfriend.

Would somebody please get this kid away from me?

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